Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nowadays tents are much easier to set up than when I was a kid. Many tents have fiberglass poles that are permanently attached to the tent. Doing a practice set up BEFORE leaving to go on a camping trip is a good idea since you'll know ahead of time if you are missing any parts.

The same is true about the trailer. Better to practice backing up ahead of time than trying to learn how to do it the day you are leaving on your first trip.

I found this great youtube that shares a cool tip on backin up a trailer.

Practice backing up the trailer in a parking lot. I have a friend whose husband "helped" her and the more he "helped" the more frustrated she became. She claims she drove off and left him the parking lot. His response was that he was just "helping"!

My sweet husband tried "helping" me too but half way through it he would get flustered. Turn left! Left! Left dang it! OOOOOOOOOOO my blood would boil. Finally one day my neighbor who I caught watching us and laughing at us finally came over and helped. He was great.

Another fellow helped me by sharing that when backing up a trailer hold your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel not at 10 and 2 position. I have done that and it worked perfect... well more perfect-er than the other way!

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